Riccardo & Kip’s Solar Eclipse

Did the clouds get in the way of Merton Parkers enjoying the eclipse? Oh no! Off we went and Scratched it instead!

Here is one from Riccardo & Kip:

What I love:

  • Notice how the background gradually gets darker and lighter
  • Notice it’s not a complete solar eclipse – true to life!
  • I like having a clock to record the timings.

We could add:

  • A bird soundtrack – I noticed they all went quiet as it went darker – did you?
  • Does only the moon move?

Well done, K & R!

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3 thoughts on “Riccardo & Kip’s Solar Eclipse

  1. I notice the background get darker but I think that it goes quite quickly so maybe they could slow it down. Overall, it is a great Powtoon, I mean Scratch! 😀


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