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imagesWe have just seen Error 404 at the Polka, it was amazing. The actor and creator Daniel Bye really brought the story alive. We helped change and shape the direction of the characters.


We got to decide the characters names; we chose Horatio, Jeremy and ZF250. We also decided that the game they would play was; Virtual online world international trans Atlantic stunt motorbike basketball doubles. And most importantly the final fate of the main characters!

It made us really think and there are now lots of questions we need to consider.

1.  Should Horatio have forgiven Thea? Should we give second chances?

2. What happened to Jeremy?

3. Can you murder a Robot?

4. What if the whole performance was a dream?

5. What made Jeremy bad? Was he always bad?

6. How do you know you have been born?

7. How did they find out the information to change the robot into a Simon?

8. Why did Horatio only have Simon as a friend?

9. Is Jeremy a robot?

What do you think?



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