Can you match each of  the 4 programming blocks to the pattern it draws? Then, for each one, explain what clues you used?

(Thank you to Rowan at London CLC for this idea)

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11 thoughts on “Test

  1. If you like patterns, check out my Spiral-o-tron program on the year 4 scratch page. I have made a big spinning spiral with music and different colours.


  2. Thank you everyone who has had a go at this – we’ll discuss it next week so I haven’t posted your answers, but I have read them!
    Julia & Evan – Congratulations, you got them all correct and gave explanations, as asked.
    Well done, Daniel – you got them all correct but didn’t give explanations.
    Everyone else – well-tried but have another look…


  3. Program 1=pattern 2 because it starts on purple and it changes size.
    Program 2=pattern 4 because it changes colour and it changes place.
    Program 3=pattern 1 because it says set pen size to 2 and it is the thinnest one.
    Program 4=pattern 3 because it says set pen colour purple and it is the last one left.


  4. Program 2= 4th pattern because it looks random and there are random blocks in the script
    Program 1= 2nd pattern because the pen size is programmed to change and the pen size changes in the pattern.
    Program 4= 3rd pattern because it is told to repeat 12 times and there are 12 triangles
    Program 3= 1st pattern because it is the last pattern


  5. it could be a repeated pattern and go on forever after the last block: Turn 150, or it could be a loop of the block define 1, 2, 3, 4


  6. pattern 1 goes with program 3
    pattern 2 goes with program 2
    pattern 3 goes with program 4
    pattern 4 goes with program 1


  7. I think program 1 is the multy colour circle
    I think program 2 is the one one the far right
    I think program 3 is the won one the far left
    I think program 4 is the one ubove program 3


  8. Pattern 1 goes with program 3.
    Pattern 2 goes with program 2.
    Pattern 3 goes with program 4.
    Pattern 4 goes with program 1.


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