The first DIY Gamer Kit is built!

With a little help from her Dad, lots of soldering and a few bugs to fix, here it is:


Well done! I am meeting someone tonight who may be able to help the rest of us…

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I’m a primary schools computing technician, interested in teaching children, their teachers & their parents, about IoT, computational thinking and implications of technology on their lives and encouraging children to think critically about technology to influence change in the world.

9 thoughts on “The first DIY Gamer Kit is built!

  1. I’ve asked my Dad to help me make mine and get me a soldering iron. I didn’t understand how Priya made it so fast! 🙂


  2. Very good!!!
    We can’t do it to complex and also my dad won’t let me use a soldering iron (I wonder why?)
    What games does it play and how do you work it?


    • I have a plan for making them after half term, don’t worry.


  3. I have made it too, but unfortunately, our soldering kit was what I called a, “Shimmy-Shank,” There was no solder!!! We got a refund, but when we went to get another one, they had sold out! So we have to get it next month. But, Priya’s is very, very impressive. I would recommend watching the video on the Technology Will Save Us website- it explains how its put together, and explains what each component does.
    Well done Priya!!!


    • Oh dear Shahzeb, sorry to hear about the “Shimmy-Shank” but glad to hear you will “solder on”! That’s perseverance.
      Tim, Jon & I met a man last night who explained a lot about soldering and looked at the kits with us, so we are now better placed to help. I am looking at getting some soldering irons.


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