Snowball Fight

Change of plan last night – due to Tim’s absence we decided to delay our Christmas Countdown html until next week – Jon quickly showed us playto from Decoded and we set up an account – the children will practise html using this at home, ready for next Tuesday.

Instead we decided to attempt Code Club’s new Xmas Challenge – Snowball Fight, in Scratch 2.0 (much moaning as the children still prefer Scratch 1.4!). This is in Beta form but any errors were just missing code which were included in later examples. Here are some of the nearly-finished projects – the children want a little longer to improve their appearance/ creativity:


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I’m a primary schools computing technician, interested in teaching children, their teachers & their parents, about IoT, computational thinking and implications of technology on their lives and encouraging children to think critically about technology to influence change in the world.

5 thoughts on “Snowball Fight

  1. I really enjoyed doing our Snowball fight on Tuesday. Although me and Isobel did not have any bugs, we still found it quite challenging in a way. I learnt how to throw a snowball and how to code that. 🙂


    • Priya, yours and Isobel’s is my favourite. It’s the only one I could work out what to do!
      Well done both of you. Could you find a way to make the Polar Bear disappear for a few seconds when it’s hit and add a score?
      Thank you for being my top blogger! (look at the right hand side of the home page!)


  2. I have played around with PlayTo and I found the tutorials very easy to understand, I actually copied the runway updates off the Heathrow Noise website, but what happened is the display only showed up. The programming behind it didn’t work. My theory is that I needed more than JS (JavaScript Oracle America) and CSS (Styling- Cascading Style Sheet) to link all the programming together. I was really hoping that whenever Heathrow updates their website, it would update my programming sheet. Maybe I could find a way to link both websites with a line(s) of code.


    • Well done with PlayTo, Shahzeb!
      I am sure if you speak To Jon next week he will be able to tell you if this is possible, and to help you achieve it if so. I love how you are always challenging yourself.
      Great work 🙂


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