Your LGfL Doodles plus 2 extra challenges

  • Can anyone add some additional sprites which incorporate what LGfL actually does eg something to do with London, or Learning, or Computing?
  • Would anyone like to try to redesign the LGfL logo – try using a Paint program, or Assembly app on iPad? Try to make it more reflective of schools/ children/ learning/ London. What’s important in Logo design?

Here’s Evan’s!

And LGfL has just tweeted to their 2,901 followers about it:

Here’s Harriet’s:

And Alazoa & Lizzie’s:

7 thoughts on “Your LGfL Doodles plus 2 extra challenges

  1. my one is on code club account but the sending link is not working so could you have look it is called Harriet.


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