Homework – Using More Blocks in Scratch

Can you learn how to use the More Blocks function in Scratch?

Try to make a row of different coloured terraced houses in Scratch, your “perfect” code would include up to 4 Define/More Blocks. The result should look like this:
(Thank you to Rowan at London CLC for this idea)

Harder challenge – can you add windows/ doors to your houses? Can they be filled with colour? I am amazed at how we all used such different code! Can you check other people’s code to see how you could make yours more efficient?

Well done to Remy & Evan, here’s their project:

Here is Marce’s:

Here’s mine:

Here’s Julia’s:

Here’s Toby’s:

Here’s Katie’s:

Here’s George’s:

Here’s Daniels:

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22 thoughts on “Homework – Using More Blocks in Scratch

  1. I wonder whether you could do terraced house but adjust it a bit so the houses would be set out like this:
    house 4
    house 3
    house 2
    house 1
    Or even do it in a straight line but just going backwards. This could be a fun challenge to try!


    • Well done for persevering Julia, and thanks to William for helping!


  2. Here is my row of houses.
    At first I did mine like Evan and Remy but my roof wouldn’t work. As I was trying to work out the angles for is I accentually pressed my block of code twice it came up with some thing like a house shape so i worked with that and found another way of doing it.


  3. Some people do one big move in a define block, but if you split them, it will be much easier to create more define blocks.


  4. I’m baffled as to how on earth you make it.Can anyone help me with it or explain how they did it without telling me the entire code please.Thank you I would be great full if you could.


  5. I’ve had a go but it is very challenging. Mine is doing 2 squares then a roof so I have a spare roof at the end.


    • It sounds like you are nearly there, Julia. Well done for trying!


    • You have to use what you know. E.G: If you are doing the roof, you know the angle will be lower than 90 degrees because it will be an acute angle (obviously). But sometimes you have to draw extra lines that hide in the drawing, so you can get your sprite to move to the right position for the next move.


    • Arthur, just take it one block at a time and you might crack it. I think you can easily think of 2, then think of something else you’re repeating to use a third. Then the whole thing a fourth (think back to the Patterns problem blocks..)


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