Fireflies! **new video at end of post**

This week in Code Club we will be making our Micro:bits into Fireflies and creating an amazing, clever light show!

Read this link carefully and play the game (hint- turn on the nudge button half way down the page). It would be great if you could all come to Code Club having learned how Fireflies synchronise their lights – and understand what “synchronise” means!

Here’s the Micro:bit project. Enjoy!

And, thanks to Tim, here’s our own version of Fireflies – you were so good at debugging (there’s a joke there somewhere but I meant it sincerely..!)

Also see the really interesting video that Alazoa found in her comment on this post. Can you work out how this happens?

Tim has found this interesting video explaining the metronomes etc – there may be a couple of words you don’t understand (eg “entropy”) but don’t worry about them, you’ll follow the rest of it! Definitely worth watching.

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33 thoughts on “Fireflies! **new video at end of post**

  1. I found it strange that all the people on the bridge were made to walk a strange way by he the swaying of the bridge. It’s amazing that by that, they had to synchronise with the bridge and all the other people on it.


  2. It’s really weird to think about the fact that we actually synchronize in the same way. It seems like a very simple thing synchronizing but when you research it it actually is very interesting and the way we do it is very cool. Thinking about it a lots of things seem to have a lot more to them than meets the eye.


    • Wow, Alazoa, that’s a great find, thank you for sharing – the video is above. It’s mesmerising!


    • yes I saw that as well I still can’t find any other flashing bugs on the internet for you Mrs schofield


    • No more flashing bugs, Harriet, but I’ve added a new video to the post that explains some other stuff!


    • The metronomes take quite a while before actually synchronizing. How do they synchronize? Is it coincidence?


  3. It was really fun doing the fireflies this week. It only took a couple of seconds before we were all the same. I really want to do something like this again soon.


  4. The experiment we did with the micro bits was really cool!
    I think it is very clever and the game was fun I timed it and it took about 2 minutes


  5. Just to add a Christmassy flavour to the project, I’ve made a ‘Queen’ Firefly with my Christmas:bit Neopixels.


    • I have watched a video about the fire flies and they are really interesting!
      the experement was really fun and using micro bits really helped me to understand!


    • I have researched and found out some interesting facts about them, I never knew they were so complicated!


  6. I have a question: What is the brightest Firefly in the world? Where do they come from? I wouldn’t be surprised if it were somewhere in Asia. Also, is there a way to synchronise micro:bits in someway? It could be broadcasting. Or radio waves. Anyone know?


  7. Wow! It’s a really interesting to think about. I followed the link and I think it’s a really good source of information. I learnt lots from it! The interactive game really helped explain the concept.


    • Isn’t it interesting, Maaria? I never knew this until we looked at in Code Club last year. I wonder if anything else in nature synchronises?


    • I look it up and it was all very scientific! I found out that people believe that mice synchronize and researchers have found that when a group of mice eat together they start to take bites at exactly the same time. It’s only a new project so they haven’t found much but there still investigating.


    • Wow, Maaria, that’s interesting isn’t it? Have a look at the new video I’ve just added.


    • Yes, sorry Evan – you & Marce will have to be our experts!


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