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**Update w/e 24th April**                                                                                                           

Thanks to our resilience & perseverance, “giving it a go” paid off and I think most of you have now cracked this – well done, I’m very proud of you & I have mentioned this to Mrs Gooderick, Mrs Hastings & Mrs Mikkelsen! I’m suggesting that anyone who still wants some advice sees Priya or Caleb.

In Code Club tonight, we tried a school resource recommended by Code Club. It’s called Code Kingdoms.  We don’t have any lesson plans/ resources so, in keeping with our Learning Power this week, we just “gave it a go”!

The dashboard looked simple enough, but we discovered a few issues:

  • A user has to add himself first, then the administrator can add him to a group
  • Once users are in a group, the admin can set lessons. But it doesn’t seem possible to add another lesson until every member of the group has finished the first ones set?

I know most of you all struggled a bit getting started with using this resource (& Jon, Tim & I were also a little baffled), so please would you feedback below and I will send a link to the makers – they may be able to help us out. Please add your constructive comments below. Thank you!

Code Kingdoms is here –

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I’m a primary schools computing technician, interested in teaching children, their teachers & their parents, about IoT, computational thinking and implications of technology on their lives and encouraging children to think critically about technology to influence change in the world.

10 thoughts on “Code Kingdoms

  1. Now that I have been told that my enthusiasm is slowly draining, I am determined to understand and complete all the levels. I am getting to understand this and I understand slightly what to do, and I can slowly piece together want I’m meant to be doing. I am challenging myself to not be negative unless it is of constructive use.


    • Ah, that’s our boy back, great news! I will need your enthusiasm to encourage me to work this out. Looking forward to next Tuesday, it was great to see you ‘having a go’ today and cracking it. Well done.


  2. Hello, my name is Shahzeb and I am 11 and have been attending Code Club for 2 years. I think that Code Kingdom is a good concept, and I can see the thinking behind it, but there are some notable flaws. Firstly, my character that I selected did not appear on the screen, and that is quite pointless. Secondly, the first tutorial level told you what to click,
    but did not explain it. Even the most basic instruction was hidden away in
    a corner button. Also, how do I log out? That isn’t a rhetorical question. It is genuine. I don’t know how I’m meant to log out. That is a security problem and needs to be amended. But I did like the overall goal of having to go to a castle using code. I think that if these minor problems are amended, Code Kingdoms will be an even bigger success.


  3. I am Johnny, from Merton Park Primary School. I am 11 years old. I have been in code club for 2 years.
    I would like to talk about your new game, Coding Kingdoms.
    Being able to customize your character and profile is fantastic. Until you realise that your character is not on the screen whatsoever.
    The objectives are broken, as they do not work when they are obviously complete. For an example, the check-list has got place the crate unchecked; when the crate is definitely placed.
    Secondly, the tutorial does not teach you what to do at all, and I had to work out how to do the simplest task.
    Finally, the computer AI is broken. When your character can move it does not do what is meant to.

    Sincerely, Johnny, Merton Park Primary School Code Club.


  4. I’m Kip and I joined Code Club 2 years ago. At first your game was so fun, choosing characters and the cartoon-like graphics and enjoyable coding. That’s until you press “play now” and realise the your chosen character is not showing. An unfortunate yet major, to the younger ones, fault. My first set task was fun. Then as I got on to my second it didn’t tell me how to do anything, yet again another major mistake to the younger ones.


  5. First of all I’d like to thank Code Club for giving us a different program to work with and they always make my Tuesdays way more enjoyable.
    I am Riccardo, I’m 11 years old and I have been in code club for two years. Firstly, the customisation options in Code Kingom are really cool until you realise that the avatar you’ve chosen won’t appear on screen when you play. Also it does not deliver any kind of straightforward explanation about the mechanics and objectives. It doesn’t have a home menu or any visible way of toggling the options and signing out.


  6. I really enjoyed Code Kingdoms as it was a new to me and I thought it was a creative way of learning more in programming thanks to code club web. On the other hand, it was hard to find out how to log out. It was confusing to find out how to code as the buttons weren’t easy to find.


  7. i have been in code club for two years code kingdoms is a cool programming game it makes coding fun and it is very good at explaining what to do.


  8. ive been in code club for a year and code kingdom was really fun it was a bit like scratch and like kodu I really enjoyed coding on code kingdom


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