Santa Loves Stem

This is this year’s annual Christmas video from the Institute of Engineers- enjoy!

“You can inspire tomorrow with what’s done today.” Any comments on this?

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I’m a primary schools computing technician, interested in teaching children, their teachers & their parents, about IoT, computational thinking and implications of technology on their lives and encouraging children to think critically about technology to influence change in the world.

12 thoughts on “Santa Loves Stem

  1. That’s so cool!Did you know that my all time favourite subject is actually STEM especially if it’s to do with christmas.


  2. that was very inspiring I’ve asked for some techno toys this year

    I remember writing a microscope so i can look at bugs very closely


  3. Cool! They could put this on TV shows in the advert sectionsas it could help get more people interested in STEM!


  4. I think this is a very clever video. I think what they mean by ‘you can inspire tomorrow by what’s done today’ is if you make something right now it may be used by engineers in the future to create something.


    • I loved that slogan as well I think it will get allot of people into stem and want to be an engineer. I have always wanted to be an engineer myself actually!


    • Thats what I was thinking. Also, when the video said some engineers work in space, I thought that maybe some engineers could work up there full time, so they get a better understanding of space, and therefore, improve their space-related inventions.


  5. This is my Christmas latter:
    Dear Santa,
    I hope I’ve been good this year and this is what I would like for Christmas:
    A wish come true…
    I wish I could blog every week and be BLOGGER OF THE WEEK!
    I would also like a broken up computer so that I can fix it then use it to blog on Code Club.

    From Alazoa


    • For blogger of the week blog once a day and have interesting views and comments!
      maybe a little less than EVERY day just one long interesting post!


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