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It’s really important that we think very carefully about e-safety and netiquette when we blog. E-safety is all about how we keep ourselves and others safe in the very public world of the internet. Netiquette refers to the manners we use on the internet. This blog is the bit of our school that the rest of the world sees – how do you want the world to think of us?

The first rule we have is ONLY use your first name, not your full name. Your email address will not be shown on the blog when you enter it so don’t worry about using your school email address for this.

Here are the other rules:

  1. If there are questions in the post you are commenting on, then answer them! This is good comprehension practice.
  2. Always write in full sentences, remembering spelling, punctuation and grammar when you can.
  3. Comments such as “Cool!” or “Amazing!” or “I want one”, will only be published if they go on to justify why you think that. Give good, clear reasons.
  4. Always be respectful and kind, even if you disagree with something.
  5. Dont forget to check back to see if others have replied to your comment and respond to these replies.Discussing and debating are really good ways of learning and finding things out! Keep the discussion relevant to the original post.
  6. You can add relevant pictures to your comments.


14 thoughts on “Blogging rules

  1. That is a very good list of rules!
    I would never disobey those rules.
    I wonder what the punishment is if someone actually does disobey those rules?No biscuits?


    • Mary, we could do with you in the club! Maybe next year?


  2. 1.Do not search inappropriate pictures.
    2.Respect the equipment.
    3.Use proper English.
    4.Don’t give out personal information.
    5.Be social with other programmers.


    • Hi Alex, I particularly like rule number 5 – well done!


  3. Be safe when you’re coding on the internet. Dont upload pictures of yourself and understand what you’re doing.


  4. Hey guys! Rules Are:
    Please use proper english
    No being rude and sending rude comments
    Dont give out personal info

    Thats it! just obay these and we’ll have a great blog!
    Evan 😀


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