Vocab Test!

Whilst discussing the Appathon we talked about lots of new words.

Can you tell me in the comments section what the following words mean, and give examples for each one?

Can you think of any other words we learned or that you would like to understand more?



4 thoughts on “Vocab Test!

  1. Monetise is where you can make money with your app by getting citizens or tourists to buy the packages that you provide. Gamify is where you can turn something into a game.


    • Thanks Priya, that’s 2 out of the 7 words – I’m sure that you know the meaning of the rest?!…..


  2. I’m going to try to do this without getting too much like the Devil’s Dictionary.

    Monet(or)ise: make money from something you’ve done. Often something someone else has done.

    Elevator pitch: to propose a plan/project in a short period of time (the time it takes a lift to go between floors) while your audience can’t escape.

    Crowd sourcing: getting a group of other people to do your work for you.

    Decomposition: breaking something down. Not sure of the context here.

    Gamify to make something less boring by making it a game.

    Revenue stream: the money you make from something. Refers to ongoing incoming rather than a one-off or total payment,

    Generalisation: this depends a bit on context. Normally prefixed with “over” 🙂


    • Thanks Jim, lovely to get some outside feedback! Code club guys – Jim is a Raspberry Pi man! He has made some suggestions for what we should do with them 🙂


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