Appathon update

You all worked so hard promoting your app over the holidays, well done!

Your app idea is very impressive and we worked very hard to get it in by the deadline as you know. Unfortunately, other schools didn’t submit their work in time and the people running the Appathon – Founders 4 School, have now changed the competition rules and moved the deadline until this Friday. I know how excited you were coming into school this morning, thinking that you might have been in first place and I’m really, really sorry to have to give you this disappointing news. However, even if we don’t win, I want you to remember the following:

  • In the process of inventing your app, you came up with excellent ideas and you debated them and considered them all without any adult help. That was really impressive collaboration & teamwork!
  • The whole basis of the competition- being able to invent an app without necessarily knowing how to code it, freed up your imaginations in an innovative way. I think it was a really good idea for a competition.
  • If we hadn’t discussed inventing an app, you would never have wondered how facial recognition works and we wouldn’t have had those great last two code club sessions. I really feel we’ve learned loads – mainly that no problem is too big for us to decompose and start to understand. The possibilities are now endless!
  • We are a tiny primary school and there is no way we can compete for votes with high schools. The very fact that you have done so well is something to be extremely proud of. There should have been age group categories.
  • The people running the competition aren’t bad people! But I don’t think they gave enough thought, respect and consideration to you. Nor do they understand the value that schools put on fairness, deadlines and playing by the rules. I think they are used to working in business, not schools. I think they will learn from this experience.
  • Do not let this experience put you off people working in the tech/ computing industry. Remember our lovely friends at Geeks Limited, how welcoming they were, how much work they had put into designing the game to teach you html coding, and how they respected you.
  • I AM SO PROUD OF YOU ALL! Code Club is my favourite part of the week and you inspire me to learn new things so that I can help you learn too.
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