Scratchletics Challenge

Year 6 have made some extremely impressive games in Scratch & Kodu and have entered them into the BAFTA Young Games Designers Awards. Well done!

Your Code Club challenge for this half term is to make a game to my specifications. It’s based on Mathletics and it’s called Scratchletics – thanks to Miles Berry at Roehampton University for the idea.

Your challenge is to make a maths game in Scratch which fulfils the following criteria:

  • Tests times tables 1-12 (or number bonds 1-20)
  • The player must correctly answer a question before moving onto the next one
  • Gets progressively harder and gives rewards
  • Is visually appealing and so incentivises the player
  • Scores
  • Has a timer

Take a bit of time to play Live Maths on Mathletics first to get some ideas. You may have played other maths games which inspire you too? Here is the app that Jon recommends you play:

10 minutes a Day Times Tables – ios ie iPad, iPhone etc

10 Minutes a Day Times Tables – Android – ie Samsung, Google, Kindle (?)

Please ask a friend to test the finished game and give you constructive feedback. Please document how your game fulfils all the above criteria. Please make your game in Scratch 2.0 and add a comment with a link to it  below when it’s finished.

Thank you!


So, remember the Roomba vacuum cleaner? It turns out that labour-saving robotic devices aren’t always as helpful as you might wish…

“Jesse Newton found out the hard way what happens when a robotic vacuum cleaner encounters dog or cat poo on your carpet, and it isn’t pretty.

Newton’s Roomba is scheduled to clean the living room of his home in Little Rock, Arkansas, at 1.30am each day, so that the family wakes up to a clean space. That all changed this month when his puppy Evie had an accident on the rug during the night, leading to what he described as the “poopocalypse”.

The Roomba ran over the dog poo and then continued its cleaning cycle around the house, spreading the mess over “every conceivable surface” and resulting in “a home that closely resembles a Jackson Pollock poop painting”.

“It will be on your floorboards. It will be on your furniture legs. It will be on your carpets. It will be on your rugs. It will be in your kids’ toy boxes. If it’s near the floor, it will have poop on it. Those awesome wheels, which have a checkered surface for better traction, left 25ft poop trails all over the house,” he said.

Newton was helpful enough to draw a diagram.” From The Guardian (edited article)


Robo Challenge Official Photos

Here are the official photos from the day for Merton Park & St Teresa’s – if you or your parents want the original size of any photo please email me and I’ll mail it back!

Credit for photos: Dawson James



Amazon has done it yet again … and this time it’s all about your furry friends. Petlexa, the Alexa for your pets. Whether you have a dog, cat, or hamster, they can now communicate without your help.

“Petlexa gives pets the freedom to ask for food, place orders from Amazon, and activate smart home enabled toys,” the company said in a release Friday.

But how do you teach your pets to use Petlexa?

“If your pets are shy to warm up to their new AI friend, try suggesting music by The Animals or an audiobook like Marley and Me on Audible.”


(From K5 News)

Google HQ!

Mark and I spent the day inside Google HQ today. It’s quite cool, but a bit strange actually. We also got some Google Cardboards and some teddies, which we might share if you’re good! The food was amazing (so much better than IBM) – photo of some of the breakfast below and loads of sushi and sandwiches for lunch. They just kept bringing food – I know who would have loved that!

Next term

glitter maker

Great news, the lovely Tim has agreed to come back to us next term!

So, if you’re in Year 6, or were part of our Robo Team, you’re keen and reading this blog, leave me a comment as to why you’d like to be a member of Code Club next term, and what you’d like us to do? I am thinking we’ll do a lot more coding but if you don’t fancy that…