“Supermarket Secrets”

Tim was telling me that the TV programme “Supermarket Secrets” has some really interesting tech bits. You can watch the whole programme on iPlayer here – there’s an interesting tech bit from 47 minutes.

  • What do you think about what you learned from this section of the programme?
  • If you don’t like the idea, what steps could you take to stop yourself being tracked?

I also found this interesting clip from a previous series – I don’t like the thought of being tricked into buying stuff I don’t need whilst shopping – do you?

  • If you were a packaging designer, what would you think about when designing food packaging and shelf placement in a supermarket?

And if you’ve ever wondered where your online shop comes from, you can watch a little bit here.

More Supermarket Secret clips

Hello Penguin!

Thanks to Dr Jess Wade for this:

Here’s a link to a pattern – According to YouTube, “It takes about an hour to make. There are two rubber bands inside to tie walls of the head and the body.” I haven’t tried it and I am wondering where you need to attach the rubber bands – could you work it out?

Toio Programmable Blocks

These look interesting. The video isn’t in English but can you work out what they do and how they work? What would you do with them?

There’s some more information here but be careful not to click on anything else as it’s not specifically a children’s site.

(Thanks to Dr Scott Turner at University of Northampton for recommending)

Lego Spirograph Machines

Lots of cogs, motors and Lego going on here. Anyone think they can make one? (Robo Club members can help you understand how the gears work. Can’t they?!)



(Simple Spirograph Machine 2 with 60 tooth turntable and 14 tooth bevel gear.)

(Thank you to Dr Jess Wade for these videos, which are made by Yoshihito Isogawa – he has a YouTube Channel and a book – The Lego Mindstorms EV3 Ideas Book )

And here’s a bonus video for Marce & Evan – Rudolph!

Virtual Assistants – they’re all women!

Why do most AI “virtual assistants” (eg Apple Siri, Google Assistant – no female name but female voice, Amazon Alexa and also Microsoft Cortana) have female voices as default?

(You can change the voice in some but not all and they all come with female voices as the default)

Any ideas? Can you find out more about this?

Source – Times of India & Raconteur

Amazon Go

  • What do you think?
  • How does it work? (I didn’t understand how it knows that it’s you that has taken something off the shelf and not the person next to you)
  • Good Thing or Bad Thing? What would you have to be careful about?
  • Could we use this technology anywhere else to make life easier?